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Gel-coat restoration
boat detailing

Meet the Owners

Team Work is Dream work, Get to know Barry & Lily!

How Much Does This Cost?

This is a luxury service! This is not a $5oo job. This is very time consuming & labor intense! If you're looking for cheap quality, kindly, do not reach out to us. Please call or email for a quote. Pricing depends on the size & condition of the gel coat. Usually starts at $40/ft X both sides. Pick up/Delivery & Drop off is available depending on your location. Keep in mind that we use marine-grade products shipped straight from Florida, as the cost is included with the quote. Ceramic coating is available at an extra cost. Turn around time is usually 3-5 days, depending on the condition & our schedule. We recommend keeping your gel coat sealed at least every  3-6 months to keep in pristine condition. Marine sealant comes with our restoration, Sealant will last 6 months (longer than wax) Marine Sealant is more durable than wax. 

Pick Up & Delivery Is Available!

Please Email or Call for a quote regarding Gel-coat restorations & inside cleanings.


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