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Jade Quartz 50ml 9H PRO Ceramic Coating

Permanent Coating

JADE CERAMIC COATING PRO QUARTZ is a clear, nano crystalline coating that protects your vehicle from weather, chemicals, and UV rays while repelling water, dirt and other contaminants. Jade Quartz applies an ultra hard (9H), durable coating that is 2-3 micron thick and imparts a deep, reflective shine.

The Wet Look

Add Value To Your Vehicle

Protect your investment

Frequently Asked Questions;

 How are Jade ceramic coatings applied?
Jade coatings are applied via a lint free, suede wrapped, foam applicator, or similar. Run a bead of product on the block and apply in straight lines with 50% overlap onto areas approximately 3’ x 3’ (900mm x 900mm) or less at a time.Once the product has had a few moments (1 to 5 minutes depending on the temperature) to volatilize, seen by a “rainbowing effect”, the excess material is gently removed using a low nap microfiber cloth and buffed to a high gloss.Keep turning the microfiber towel while wiping down, until there are no streaks and the towel glides across the surface.This process is repeated on each subsequent cross-section of the automobile until it is completely coated.

How long until my vehicle can get wet or have water introduced to the surface?

It’s recommended to prevent water from coming into contact with your vehicle for 48 hours.

Can I have two or more coats Jade Ceramic Coatings?

Yes, Jade Ceramic Coatings are designed to have the option for layering or stacking – this allows for even greater durability. We simply allow for one hour of cure time between applications of additional coats, then wipe the previous coat down to flatten and repeat.

Do the Jade Ceramic Coatings delaminate, peel, flake or change color and yellow?

Jade Ceramic Coatings will never delaminate, crack, flake, peel or change color during the lifetime of the coating.

Does the paint surface need to be prepared?
Highly recommended, yes. Any scratch, swirl or blemish existing on the paint that is then coated, becomes locked in and will remain visible and protected. It is advisable to sand out heavy scratches, polish out light scratches and then polish out light swirls with our Sonax compounds and Sonax polishes using our Adams rotary or dual action machine for a flawless finish, then wipe clean with alcohol to ensure a grease free, dust free surface.   Jade ceramics can then be applied.  

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Package 1- Jade Quartz 9H Pro

Starts at $1099 (1 layer, 4+ years)

2-3+ Micron

5+ Years

Jade Quartz (9H) was formulated with the highest level of concentration of active ingredients along with many additives to allow it to provide the most robust coating offered, ideal for ridged, painted surfaces, it is our premium ceramic that lasts up to 4+ years with additional care and maintenance washes. This package comes with one layer of ceramic only.


Package 2 Jade Quartz 9H Pro

Starts at $1899 (2 layers, 8+ years)

3-6+ Micron

10+ Years

Applying an additional coat of Jade Quartz 9H ceramic coating will give your vehicles paint more durability and a much longer life span of the ceramic coating. The second layer can be applied 1 hour after the first coat has been fully applied. 


Package 3 Jade Quartz 9H Pro

Starts at $1,698 (1 layer, 4+ years)

Paint Correction + Ceramic

2-3+ Micron

5+ Years  (Optional *2nd coat, +$799)


The most important step before getting a ceramic coating applied is having the vehicles paint prepared before application. All swirls, light scratches, defects and elements must be removed from the paint before applying the ceramic. If not, whatever is left on the paint before ceramic application will be stuck under the ceramic coating and will be see through and have defects. A full Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating will have your vehicle looking its very best, and provide a "wet look", which is what everyone wants. It will also add value to your car.

Car Detailing Experts

never wax your car again!

Jade Quartz 9H Pro Upgrades

Ceramic Wheels $1196

Ceramic Windows $299 per window

Ceramic Trim & Plastics $499

Ceramic Headlights $199

Ceramic Coatings can ONLY be applied inside of a garage to insure correct adhesion, no dust or any elements can come into contact during the application and cure time of 24hrs. No water can come in contact with your vehicle after Jade Quartz ceramic is applied to your car for 48hrs. Do not touch your vehicle during its cure time, we are not responsible if the vehicle is out of the garage during cure time or if anyone besides our technician touches it. Cure time is very important for a perfect wet look finish.

 Want To Book? Please contact us to schedule a day.

You must have a garage to have this ceramic applied professionally, our shop is in the works of being built! Thank you for understanding.


Phone- (704)813-8646

Payment Method- Cash Only

* Sales Tax Included

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